Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Day in College

Atlast I too entered ma college life in Sastra university where ma next 4 years goin to b passed.........In the first day it is ful of entertainment.....most of our friends are there and we entered the same block where all the first years are gathered..then i was little disappointed bcoz me and varun were put in different classes......but new friends and new environment turned me again to my mood........and in lunch we again gathered together......the most confusing block in sastra is our building we spent nearly a period to find out where is our classes and one lucky move for me is that i have no roaming class which others have....and new teachers were very nice...and after ma lunch i entered physics lab where i was simply standin for nearly two hours bcoz it was the first class...after that i returned to the bus and the bus started at correct time and i reached ma home at 6.30 .......THAT WAS A PLEASANT DAY